From Many Nations to Oklahoma Statehood in Three, Two, One

Oklahoma's first graphic history book!

This vivid and captivating graphic history of Oklahoma’s complicated path to statehood is told through the perspective of students searching for answers about the Many Indian Nations that had established governments here before statehood, the Three constitutions that led to the Two territories of Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory becoming the One state of Oklahoma. This is a supplemental text for High School Oklahoma History.

by Kathryn J. Shurden, illustrations by Mandy D. Brumley

© 2017 ISBN 978-0-9907010-7-1

Full-Color, 100 pages, 6 ½” X 9 ½” 

Reading level Middle School to Adult

Paperback $24.99

Teacher’s Guide with exercises and answers

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From Many Nations to Oklahoma Statehood in Three, Two, One


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Readers love it!

“Absolutely outstanding! I love the format and that this is an inter-generational book. America worships youth; however, you have the elders as the great sources of knowledge. The images and information are great. Great job.” -- Dr. Linda Henshall Wilson, Professor, College of Education, Northeastern State University

“This graphic novel, hopefully to be followed by others, can nurture curiosity, illustrate the path to seeking answers, and enrich the lives of young people as they develop into adults. I want to thank Kathryn Shurden and Mandy Brumley for taking the time and resources to create this innovative tool for teaching. Yes, the way we teach Oklahoma history has long been a subject of complaint. This book will help solve the problem.” -- Bob L. Blackburn, Ph.D., Oklahoma Historical Society

“We liked how the book was very inclusive of the different races and told their viewpoints of Oklahoma History as they took journeys to different landmarks in the state. It provided more information than most Oklahoma History Books!” -- Jay Fife, Oklahoma High School Student

“Your story unfolds clearly and should make a good lesson about the road to statehood. Congratulations on a great project! -- Dr. William Corbett